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Patura racire Arctic Blast + rezerva 500 ml

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Arctic Blast Equine - Patura si bandaje pentru racire instanta

Patura Arctic blast se foloseste pentru coborarea instanta a temperaturii in cazul cailor cu febra, fara medicamente, ajutand la confortul si relaxarea animalului bolnav.

In cazul curselor de trap sau galop, unde produsele pentru racire si relxare sunt permise cu respectarea unor reguli stricte, patura Arctic Blast, folosita inaintea cursei ,poate avea un efect de calmare si detensionare a cailor agitati si nervosi. care altfel consuma f multa energie inainte de cursa , reducandu-si sansele de castig
In general,patura va fi folosita dupa cursa pentru o revenire optima ,impreuna cu , sau fara dusul de racire . In unele cazuri este nevoie de jumatate de ora de dus rece , dar patura Arctic Blast va vace acelasi lucru in cateva minute,in locul tau.
Cand apar dureri musculare dupa efort, este timpul ideal de a utiliza bandajele Arctic Blast , reducand astfel timpul de refacere. Bandajul trebuie improspatat lla doua ore.
Timpul de recuperare se reduce considerabil chiar si la caii care in mod normal necesita timp mai lung de refacere.

Pericolul supraincalzirii cailor
Everyone fi nds the high temperatures of summer bothersome-even horses! Strenuous
exercise in hot, humid weather can spell trouble for some horses, so owners should learn
how to handle heat-related problems. Dr. R. Dean Scoggins, equine Extension veterinarian
at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in Urbana, says, “The most serious
heat-related problem seen in horses is anhidrosis, which is the inability to sweat.” When
horses work hard in hot, humid conditions, the sweat glands can become overtaxed and
unable to excrete fl uids. Sweating is the body’s primary means of getting rid of extra body
heat, and when an animal is unable to sweat its temperature can rise to dangerous levels.
This problem is not often seen in draft horses, but is common in thoroughbreds, Arabian
horses, quarter horses, race horses and trail horses. The normal temperature for a horse
is 100 degrees Fahrenheit. When its temperature reaches 104 or 105 degrees Fahrenheit,
the horse is considered to have heat stroke, which is an accumulation of body heat due to a
failure of the body’s cooling mechanisms. When its temperature reaches 107 or 108 degrees
Fahrenheit, neurological damage or death can occur. The fi rst sign of heat stroke is that
sweating stops. Under normal circumstances, the body of a horse that is working hard should
be covered with sweat. When anhidrosis occurs, there may be some sweat on the sides of the
neck and between the legs from friction, but the rest of the body will be dry. Horses who are
suff ering from this problem will breath more heavily than normal, and although their bodies
are not designed to breath through their mouths, they may try to do so.
How Arctic Blast Rugs cool
your horse
Thermoregulation in horses is primarily dependent on evaporative heat loss from sweating,
however, in high ambient temperatures, or prolonged exercise, horses can dissipate up
to 1 litre of sweat a minute, compromising the sweating process and causing body
temperature increases of up to 5C. To prevent the risk of your horse collapsing aggressive
cooling is recommended by experts.
Invented and Patented in New Zealand, with Patent protection applied for Internationally,
Arctic Blast Equine Instant Cooling Rug accelerates evaporative cooling, safely reducing your
horses body temperature by up to 10C in minutes. Meaning your horse is less likely to suff er
heat stress & muscle injuries, avoids dehydration, and recovers from exercise more quickly.
How to use Arctic Blast
Cooling Rug
Arctic Blast Equine Instant Cooling Rug is simple to use.
The Instant Cooling Rug comes in a foil cooler bag, simply add
250ml of Recharge until it is wet through, the Instant Cooling
Rug is now activated, and ready to put on your horse. When
cooling is completed, place the Instant Cooling Rug back in the
cooler bag until it is next needed.
Similarly, Arctic Blast Cooling Compression Bandages, like the Instant Cooling Rug, are
reusable, do not require refrigeration, and safely draws heat out faster by using evaporative
cooling. These are ideal for treating soft tissue injury - swelling, infl ammation, bruises and
strained tendons or ligaments.
Of importance, is the fact that both Arctic Blast Instant Cooling Rug and Cooling Compression
Bandage comply with the Rules of Racing.
Ideal for use in hot climates, after exercise/ competition, or when transporting your horse
– in short, anytime your horse is at risk of heat stress.
What’s the physiological diff erence
between using ice/gel packs &
Arctic Blast?
When an ice/gel pack is placed over an injured area, cold begins to permeate the skin to
a depth of 1cm (0.4 inches), reaching this after approximately eight minutes (times are
dependent on an individuals depth of fatty tissue layer).
What this means is ice/gel packs can only push cold in to a depth of 1cm (0.4 inches).
After approximately 25 minutes of RICE treatment the ice/gel pack is removed, at this
stage the deeper tissue - to a depth of 3 cm (1.2 inches) begins to loose heat as it rewarms
the surface tissue. At 1 hour 5 minutes the deep tissue is cooler than the 1cm (0.4 inches)
tissue and after approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes deep tissue at 3cm (1.2 inches) has
rewarmed again.Time deep cooling is active with ice/gel packs – 15 minutes.
Arctic Blast uses evaporative cooling from the second it is applied, as heat is drawn out from
the top 1cm (0.4 inches), the deeper tissue - to 3cm (1.2 inches) continually looses heat as
it rewarms the top tissue, creating deep tissue cooling. Arctic Blast will provide over an hour
of evaporative cooling, and with a further 40 minutes before the top 1cm (0.4 inches) is
rewarmed, and a further 20 minutes before the deep tissue at 3cm (1.2 inches) is rewarmed.
Time deep cooling is active with Arctic Blast – 2 hours.
What this means is Arctic Blast draws heat out of the tissue, rather than trying to push it in,
allowing faster and longer cooling, without risking periphery nerve damage.
How should I use Arctic Blast?
Simply open the foil pouch, wring excess from the compression bandage back into the foil
pouch, reclose pouch so that the Arctic Blast does not evaporate. Then simply wrap bandage
around the injured area, with a 50% overlap, as you normally would.
Leave compression bandage in place - it will create up to 15C degrees (27F Degrees) of
cooling for over an hour, until the bandage dries. The bandage may then be left on, as it is
still providing the compression needed for the treatment of your injury.
After three to four hours, recharge your compression bandage with Arctic Blast Recharge and
repeat treatment.
Does Arctic Blast require Ice or Refrigeration?
No. Arctic Blast comes in a ready to use foil package, along with a Recharge bottle. It does
not require ice or refrigeration. In fact, it can sit in the “midday” sun and still be ready to use.
A lot of people keep Arctic Blast in their gearbag as a precautionary measure.

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